beautiful loose style of neck (galah) design of blouse style and half slave, and colorful saree style

beautiful style of blouse for Bride because this blouse is hand work silver floral design and lehnga is too good.

beautiful golden and dark mehroon color of saree with net style of palo (dupata) and good work on Lehnga, in this design the blouse is in loose style of galah (neck) but fit to body and half slave of blouse style

fancy style of saree

red and white color combination of saree with good dots work on saree and lains style

dark mahroon and golden color combination of saree with half slave of blouse style and open (Loose) style of Neck (Galah) style

red and golden color combination of saree in net style of pallo with beautiful blouse style

short blouse and baggy style of Lehnga with a lot Choone style

beautiful mehron and dark green saree with full slave style of saree blouse and loose style of Gala (Neck) designs

Golden and Chocolate color Saree with Fish Style of lehnga and half slave of blouse with loose round neck (gala) design


  1. Nice post....all the collection is looking very nice specially the second and last one is looking great i really like these design and color i also want to share with you one online shopping site for beautiful collection of Party sarees


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