There’s a new hair interpretation every season when respects work to give a new style definition to match the hanging world of fashion. This time it’s all about ultra femininity and stark modernism. by Nabanita Das
These are western cultural hair style for outdoor night parties and street fashion. Some of these hairstyles with pins are mostly seen in bridal night parties.



Braid Roll


Take a bit of peasant fashion and translate into hip hair for the party season.
This easy to do hair can up your glam quotient and make you stand out in the sea of straight sleek tresses. Simply pull your hair high up on one side in a ponytail, divide into sections, twist, wrap, Rolland pin for a trendy side bun.


Cut, Color and style


Every major hair care and color brand worth its dyes creates looks to match the changing taste in fashion. So keeping up with this, Schwarzkopf Professional has announced its Essential Looks - a compilation of brand new hairstyles and colors for the coming season. We got hair color and styling expert, and National Technical Head, Schwarzkopf Najeeb Ur Rehman to interpret the looks for us regular women, and how best we can wear it. “The major inspiration is from the catwalk couture from London, Paris, Milan and New York. Based on that we have defined four looks, which can be transformed very easily to match Indian skin tones, and popular hair styles,” he says. Since the inspiration is from the fashionable eras of 80’s and 40’s there’s lot of movement in the hair, and play with colors like rich, warm brown, beige, gold and copper. “Also most of the looks can work wonderfully on short and medium hair. We have colored the hair in circular and rectangular sections and have used graphic shapes interests like Reverse Triangle to create the cut,” explains Najeeb. It is a highly stylish look that will need maintenance. Taking the 80’s as the cue, jewelsand precious metals are a major reference point here. So you can wear this look on a rounded bob, sliced into at the fringe and ends. This trend also embraces luxurious curls and waves. Color-wise, think of rich and glossy browns lounging alongside the most expensive of blondes, and beige, with a luminous finish. “Since we like rich color in hair, this is a very wearable look for Indian girls. It evokes a sense of luxury,” adds Najeeb.


Take a nostalgic trip to a decade when femininity, mystery and romance reigned. Glamour is the order of 40s romance, featuring shapes inspired by this elegant decade. Always beginning with side partings, we play with wartime waves, tight pin curls, victory rolls, chignons, romantically collapsed spirals, and blown out curls that give the head an asymmetric shape. Veiled fringes sweeping across the eyes add a sense of drama. Colors are soft-focus and romantically tinged -think of soft copper tones and medium blond blended into the hair. “It adds style to longer length hair and also it is very much wearable. It has a normal texture which is suitable to Indian women. This hairstyle can be tied up in a pony tail and can be done into a bun as well,” suggests Najeeb.



This season sees a stylistic streamlining that matches intellectualized shapes with nonconformist cuts. Genre-bending short styles take on avant-garde forms, with multi -layered shaping creating depth and dimension. The clarity of simplified lines and lengths contrasts nicely with the anarchy of elongated wedges, fins, quiffs and almost Mohawks. Colors tend towards the synthetic and experimental two– tone blondes, ultra – whites, and anti –establishment reds. Says Najeeb, “It is an asymmetrical look that goes very well with round shaped faces. Pastel colors are used here; also colors that are not very intense are used in this like brown and violet.”


 This is a beautifully brutal look. This season The Dark Amazons are taking control, with colors, cuts and clothing that are strong, sexy and stylistically dominant. Hair is definitively straight, yet far from prissy.  Precise cuts with razored edges or sharply sliced fringes give a powerful accent. While the fashion palette is largely black, but there is sensation through color conflict, splicing negating shades such as inky tones with stark blondes. Updos like headdresses reference Post apocalyptic warriors which is overtly sexy. “It is a style for women who are confident, and young at heart. It works beautifully with long hair, and stark contrasts like blonde-black and red-black mark this fashion style,” says Najeeb.  (This topic is taken from Indian Beauty Magazine)


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