It’s a new and Latest Bridal Makeup Collection 2010-11 for parties. The Indian Make Up Artists decorated the Indian brides in cultural Traditional Makeover, Night and Day Party makeup, Casual party makeup, light, New Arabic Party Makeup, Dark and fancy makeup


Beautiful Bridal Romantic makeup with nice work of make up foundations, like dark fancy and stylish Lips Make Up with lip stick and have nice eyeliner for stunning impression. The Beautician use fancy face powder but the eye liner and eye shadow has contrast look.


it is called Arabic, Sirlankan and Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian bridal Makeup for wedding parties. The bridal have nice grow of cheeks, contrast lip stick color, contrast eye shadows and stylish eyebrows.



Gorgeous and stylish Indian makeup for Indian brides. This light makeup is now most famous now because modern girls like these types of make up which shows natural looks, The lips are contrast to the bridal dress and cheeks glow is also very light but the eye shadow has light mascara. It is also called Natural bridal makeup.


It’s a cultural but stylish makeover for Indian brides. The Indian beautician focused on pink color which is contrast with bridal pink dress. The eye shadows are contrast with the bridal stylish jewelry and light pink lipstick giving a stunning look to the bride even the cheeks have also very light pink brushes. The women used these types of bridal makeup for day or moon light parties.


It’s a Indian traditional Anarkali makeup which have light maroon lipstick with lip liner and dark eye shadows.

It’s a bridal glamorous makeup in which is also contrast with dress. This dark makeup style have beautiful eye liner and light cheek maskara.



  1. i would like to know what ype of foundation is used ..??very pretty

  2. thats airbrush makeup. or they just airbrush the whole pic so it would like fake, just like in those magazine. the most prettiest of brides don't even look so beautiful in reality

  3. these are most beautiful pics in this website specially the last one. These are South Asian bridal make up.
    I dont know why the 2nd one Anonymous posting fake comments.

  4. Thank for Comments and feedback
    Dear 2nd Anonymous
    It's a Indian bridal makeup according to their culture not a Arabic makeup.

  5. i want to knw which type of base is used?

  6. Indian Bridal wear with makeup and heavy Jewelry forms a very important part of the overall attire of an Indian bride. Makeup is surprisingly often an overlooked item when planning your dream shaadi.

  7. This makeup is heavy and jewlry also plz show some picture of light makeup

  8. Thanks for your help


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