Do you love stylish semi-casual dresses; and if yes you are at proper place because I am gonna get you to introduce Momins by Wiq semi-casual dresses presented at Pakistan Fashion Week London 2015. Momins by Wiq—an emerging fashion brand which is offering a wide range of local/domestic dresses. They have specially designed semi-casual dresses for PFW 7 and the work of Momins by Wiq really appreciated by the audience, experts and judges. Momins by Wiq showcased open kurtis, stylish gowns and double kurti dresses which have been designed in Eastern way. Some dresses also nourished with embroidered lace strip and patches to give a semi-formal look but the patterns are semi-casual.

 Momins by Wiq Dresses at PFW7-2015
 Momins by Wiq Dresses at PFW7-2015 Momins by Wiq Dresses at PFW7-2015

Momins by WiqMomins by Wiq

Pakistan Fashion Week London 2015Pakistan Fashion Week London 2015

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