Hadiqa Kiani is not only an Singer but also a good actress and a beautiful model. Hadiqa works as a model in lot of fashion shows but these collection which i am going to share are one of the best collections of latest jeans, hoods and short shirts. In these fashion dresses mostly hood Shirts are in pink color and can be wear as street fashion.

beautiful stylish Jeans paint with sleeveless short body shirts for casual wears an can also be wear as festive wear.

Pink hoody T-Shirt in pink color looking stunning with ladies jeans paint. This street fashion jeans has lovely style of rough paint where the waist is fit but the ankle area in widely style (Flapper style)


This Hoody style is used in her latest album "Aasmaan" and also worked as a model. In this album hadiqa prefers the hood dresses with jeans. Specially hoody uppers.


Being a street fashion dress this dress can also be wear as casual rainy day dress. The hoody is in shining style with two pockets and looking gorgeous in short sleeve.



It's a Hadiqa's casual street/ road wear fashion dress. you may say that this dress is specially designed for tour parties or picnic party. The white short body ladies shirt is giving stunning impression with white short jeans.


The most favorite dress of Hadiqa Kiyani. This photo shot is taken from her house. The jeans paint is looking beautiful with jeans upper. This dress is casual wear / Holiday wear / morning party wear. Mostly celebrities wear these types of dress when ever goes for shopping.



  1. looks bored and ignored.

  2. so cool ..................my fvrte style

  3. i love ur style ,yar kya kamal ka style apnya hai.i wish i could wear ur collection.


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