The term 'lawn' is popular for lovely light cotton fabric like Swiss voile. Most popular styles of lawn are three piece suits (dupatta, salwar and kameez). Lawn is famous with its unique matching and mix-n-match designs and prints.
Here we are going to present some gorgeous prints of 5 Star / Classic Lawn for 2010-2011. 5 Star Lawn is a affluent brand of Five Star Lawn Mills. Let’s have a look…!

Printed kameez in small floral design with same print on dopata along with contras simple shalwar  is  fascinating. Full but short in length sleeves with stiff kameez pattern is looking modern. Close round neck style is also famous now days for casual parties and window shopping.

Five Star Classic Lawn prints are a unique in Pakistan composes with different artistic techniques. Following design was derive from the strokes of different canvasses of various painters. Such a great 5 Star Lawn print it is. The modern pattern of clothing is fabulous and more suitable for such a developed and modern designs and prints. Five Star Classic Lawn is such a fabulous.

Stroking colors are very common in Lawn clothing and in order to attract such customers 5 Star Lawn presents some colorful stuff. Simple slawar kameez with large floral printed dopatta was produced by Five Star Lawn. Simple and thin line of print of floral pattern is being fetched at the side of kameez to make it stylish. Long kurti with casual loose trouser style salwar is being selected to market the dress. Baggy style of sleeves is looking fabulous with loose casual long kurti. 

Yellowish feelings here, and you will be wish to like this after having a look at this 5 Star Lawn print. Beautiful large floral print it is with the mix of contras colors. Designer use printed flowers right at the center of kameez and make this the part of neck design. Casual long kurti with half sleeve style looking great. This three piece dress of Five Star Lawn is the part of classic lawn series 2010 & 2011 of Five Star Lawn.

Colorful floral design on white background is looking good. This floral fantasy will attracts you. Just have a look at the pattern. Full sleeve baggy styles sleeves are now again in fashion and designers use this design in different manners with the slight changes. Coat collar neck style is also famous with casual long kurti.

Five Star Classic Lawn series includes thin fabric enriched with beautiful and stylish prints of floral designs. Following design and pattern of three piece dress of Five Star Classic Lawn is fabulous and looks modern. Small series of colorful flowers in the print looking great and feels like a sky filled with colorful stars. Full sleeve Kameez, having modern shape of neck style also looking attractive. This is a perfect party wear dress.

Multi color design on a single color background is traditional, but Five Star Lawn presents this in a new way. Use hard colors both as a background and for prints too. Large shape floral design covers almost all area at bust and at the border of kameez. Half sleeve pattern with frock type kameez is such a famous now days and according to the demand of season. Now days use of small doppata as a tie also so famous and trendy.

The same technique, Five Star used to develop this dress but the color is yellow and blue this time. Tight ring type sleeves pattern is famous. The use of belt with such frock type pattern is also trendy and looks beautiful.

Mustard color designing with tiny floral technique on the same color background is being produced by Five Star Lawn. This three piece suit (Dress) is very special for such a rainy season. Shoulder less kameez with bound round neck style, the designer produced.

Beautiful and amazing mix of large and tiny stylish circles Five Star Lawn produced. A colorful circle produces some cloudy pattern according to modern designs. What a beautiful print it is of Five Star Lawn. Baggy Style full sleeve with round neck style loose frock is being stitched to market this Five Star Lawn print and this looks amazing. Doppata also looking fabulous like a colorful well. Navy Blue color is more suitable for this print and enhances the strength of this Five Star Classic Lawn print.


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