Trend always change and reviews the new editions. Some time fashion repeat with some modification and some time completely change. If we see around us we feel that fashion or trend repeat in some situation but most of the time fashion take something new and some thing better. Just like it, Mehndi patterns. some designs are repeat with some amendment but most of the designs are new and following the modern mehndi trend. Mehndi is a tradition of Muslims and Hindus and now almost every part of the world it is being used. Many designers now use this Mehndi paste to make tattoos and designs on other parts of body as well.
Here we will present you some most Trendy Mehndi designs and pasting techniques. Hope you will like all and use one of them for events (like, Eid, Valentine days, Weddings, Raksha Bandhan days and Diwali Events) and are best for parties and you can title them as Party Mehndi.
Shafiya Refai  is a good mehndi artist which follows the trends and fashion. She always produced a quality mehndi designs. She started with her thrilling of glitter pens on simple papers and then onto brides and parties then Shafiya took another step towards exploring her Mehndi services not only in Sri Lanka But also in the whole world to know.

Shafiya Refai's Designs

Indian Mehndi Style
This is an Indian way to paste Mehndi. This Latest Mehndi Trend is just awesome and has something cultural within it. Designer design this for both hands and this gives symmetry as well. Designer draw leafs on fingers and thumb and at palm designer draw some imaginary shapes which looks cool. Both hands some difference in design. Designer prolongs the design to the arms and use shapes, effects and boxes to construct this beautiful design. You can say this Indian Mehndi.

Modern Mehndi Style
As hands play an important role in the beauty and to be a most beautiful your hands should be beautiful. So for the beauty of your hands and arms we represent this powerful design to you. It’s a Modern Pakistani Mehndi design and the designer did well. This Modern Mehndi design consists of shapes, curves, and leafs and basic floral outline which finally gives beautiful design. Palm design is just awesome, looks simple but gorgeous.

Arabic Mehndi Designs
This Arabic design technique is much common for parties. Thin and narrow pasting technique gives more sharp and beautiful design to us. This Arabic Mehndi is just have two flowers one at palm of both hands and other at arm, both have tiny circle series around them which gives more beauty to this Arabic Mehndi Design.

Wedding Parties

Indian Henna

Sodani Mehndi Design

Both Mehndi Designs are based on Indian technique. Basically these are bridal Mehndi designs because both the Mehndi designs have rich work. Both Indian Mehndi designs are just awesome and pasted on both sides of the hands. Bridal Mehndi designs are always has some glittery work but these doesn’t have, so one can use these on this Eid festival.

Mehndi for Feet

Modern Mehndi Art
Following are the best Arabic Mehndi Designs for hands and feet. Arabic designs has specialty that they gives narrow and sharp effects. Both the designs are really beautiful and have uniqueness of style and work. Designer did a very good job to construct this Arabic Mehendi Design and put leaf styles.
On legs and feet designer also use similar technique and produce beautiful image. These Arabic mehndi designs are really awesome and gorgeous following the modern mehndi fashion

Sri-lankan Mehndi Designs

Modern Mehndi Designs

Arabic floweral Mehndi designs are become really popular in west as well. Girls use such design to construct tattoos Mehndi on their bodies and it looks cool. Following are two beautiful Arabic Mehndi designs. In India most of the girls also put up such designs on their bodies especially teen age girls for parties.
All these stunning trend mehndi arts are taken from official page of Shafiya Refai just for sharing the latest trend in mehndi / henna fashion.


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