Sher Singh” is a newly launched brand from the land of India. “Sher Singh” enormously has gained fame in the world especially in India. It was 2008, when both of the co-founders of “Sher Singh” met and after a long conversation they decided to launch first International Indian based clothing brand. They commit to be the first who will give high quality garments with a range in style and creativity to the world.
We are pleased to put “Sher Singh” brand products at she9 platform so that our valued visitors from India will get fast and effective access to this newly launched wonderful brand. Today we are placing here exclusive ladies shirts and T-shirts range available at Sher Singh online store. 
Now a days not only in all over the world but also in Asia specially in Indian, Indian Girl like Shirt and tops as official dresses. That's why it might be possible that Sher Singh Store include this range due to changing of fashion. Lets have look....

Ladies Collar Shirt

Check Style

Official Style

Stylish Pant shirt

Pink Collar Shirt
Cricketer Zaheer Khan is the brand ambassador of this unique Indian garments brand. The company has high aim and has true sense of customer care; they are offering free home delivery in India. Sher Singh has a colossal array of garments and clothing like tees, trousers, polo’s, shirts, dresses, skirts, sarees, and tunics. According to company officials, the range, which embodies contemporary Indian concepts, is the result of collaboration between top designers from New York and Delhi. To encourage online sales and habit in India they are offering flexible and convenient options in the market like free shipping, free returns and three day delivery time after placing an order. The company is making it more convenient for users to shop on the Internet compared to a physical retail store by offering free shipping, free returns, and three-day delivery anywhere in India. “Sher Singh has the potential to be the biggest online apparel brand in the world” said by the brand ambassador of Sher Singh brand.

Casual T-Shirt

Round Shirt

Kurtis for Office

Polo Shirt

Casual Polo

Ladies Polo Shirt

T-Collar Shirt

Ladies T-Collar Shirt
All types of T-Shirt, Polos’s and Dress Shirts have been including in this exclusive Sher Singh Ladies Shirts Collection 2012. Dress shirt category has consists of casual, fancy and of office shirts while rest is a beautiful collection of T-Shirts and Polo’s. T-Shirts are available in different varieties like round neck, V shape neck and in stylish baggy style. Beautiful Polo’s are also available in a vast range of variety. Hope you will enjoy this post. To have a fabulous visit of Sher Singh exclusive ladies shirts and T-Shirts collection of 2012


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