Pakistani Lawn fabric is top famous in all over the world due to its quality, reliability and uniqueness in style. Lots of Pakistani companies are producing Lawn fabric which has been export to all over the world. Lawn fabric usually used in summer and in Pakistan Lawn manufactures launch their Lawn collections prior the summers. Crescent Textile Mills is a big name among them. They are producing high quality Lawn with stunning and spectacular prints. Crescent Lawn Collection 2011 has been a hit in the market last. They hired Indian film actress as a brand ambassador last year and similarly for this year they took the beauty of Indian cinema, yes Karishma Kapoor. Karishma Kapoor is looking gorgeous wearing Crescent Textile Lawn prints of 2012. Crescent Lawn has recently launched their Lawn Collection of 2012. Designers did well and use Crescent Lawn 2012 designs in a well organized form to put accuracy and beauty in their work. Let’s have a closer look to all 2012-2013 designs of Crescent Lawn.

Karishma Kapoor Designs

Crescent Lawn Gown Design

Churi Pajama Trouser

2012 Designs of Crescent Lawn

Karishma Kapoor Designs

New Designs of Crescent Lawn

Long Kurti

Karishma Kapoor as Model
All the designs are fabulous and the patterns are purely trendy. Long kurti in different styles are looking fantastic with this traditional chooridar shalwar outfit. This Lawn Collection of 2012 has something for everyone.  You will like all dress designs of this Crescent Lawn Collection of 2012.


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