We cannot neglect the importance of casual dressing in our routine life, because most of the time people behave like casually. Casual dressing gives more comfort to us than formal dressing, and if we format casual dresses like ceremonial and nourished with pleasing stuff, it would give us more utility and pleasure casually. Formal dressing has its own integral part in daily life but it has least scope when we match formal dressing to casual dressing. Casual dress designing is a big market all over the world and there are dozens of products under the umbrella of casual dressing. And when we talk about the Central and South Asia’s ladies casual dresses the first name that flashes in our mind is Shalwar Kameez. Shalwar kameez exists in India, Pakistan and in Middle East in various kinds depending on the culture and fashion of that particular segment. The intent to use indian shalwar kameez casually is basically a tradition here. Shalwar kameez can be found in different styles and outfits. Today we will talk about the Indian Kurti Trouser /Indian Salwar Kameez 2012 casual dresses. Here we have a latest collection of Indian casual kurti trouser dresses for the upcoming summer season because usually girls use casual dresses repeatedly in summers than winter. So, let’s take a complete scrutiny of the collection below.

Churi Pajama with Forck

Anarkali Frock with Churi Pajama
The fashion always repeated itself after one or two decades. After a wide bottom loose trousers with long loose kurti’s a totally separate pattern is ready to evolve in the fashion world. Indian dress designers have moderate traditional choori pajama dresses and we labeled these as a Trouser Kurti dress. Here all the dresses are consists of Shalwar (trouser) and kameez (kurti) with doppatta. We have a rich variety here in Indian trousers with all types of dashing designer Indian kurti’s.

Short Kurti with Patiala Trouser

Patiala Salwar

Indian Patiala Salwar

New Patiala Salwar
Beautiful and stylish imbedded prints and embroidered kurti’s are looking flourishing with different styles of Indian Patiala trousers. The trousers are ranged from simple to complex in style and look as we have simple chooridar trouser and a Patiala shalwar as well. Most of the embroidery designs are made with the combination of thread embroidery and local accessory stuff to give a cultural look in a casual way. Designers used lace strips effectively to generate the fashionable look in these Indian trouser and kurti dresses.

Churidar Pajama

Churidar Trouser

Churi Pajama & Laila Trouser

Party wear Churi-Pajama

Churidar trouser

Latest Churi trousers

Party wear churi pajama

Anarkali Churi Pajama

Churidar trouser & kurti

Indian Bridal Churi Pajama
This Indian salwar kameez collection of 2012 would attract maximum viewers and the fashion will evolve this summer. This Indian trouser kurti collection of 2012 has a huge margin of choice in sleeve, neck, back and bust styles. From sleeveless to full sleeve and from heavy embroidered front to simple collar style neck pattern the collection has all most all types of dresses.

Laila Salwar Fashion

Indian Casual Trousers
Kurti’s are available in all favorite and in-fashion styles like long kurti, slim fit and semi frock umbrella style. One can customize the designs easily if she wants to make these at home. The spectacle of the dresses will help them. Please go to the official webpage if you want to buy one of these Indian trouser kurti dresses.


  1. from where we can buy indian shalwar kameez in pakistan on low price?

  2. from where we can buy indian shalwar kameez in pakistan at low price?

  3. Where is the offical page to buy these?

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    1. U can order on akshara collection, surajpur-greater noida
      ph. 8800127319

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