She9 team always brings extraordinary dazzling fashion stuff on every cultural occasions and festivals.  Fashion now becomes an essential part of celebrations. People did fashion on every occasions according to the values and traditions. Eid days are being considered one of the most important and happiest days of Muslims Society. People wear new dresses, take and give gifts and did fashion. Ladies especially design their dresses according to the norms and season. On this Eid she9 team is with you and brings lots of colorful and fashionable dress designs by the fashion giants to make your Eid day happier and colorful. Today we bring some gorgeous lawn prints by Gul Ahmed to make your hot Eid day coolest ever.
People, especially ladies in Pakistan, India and Middle East are very well aware with the name of Gul Ahmed. Gul Ahmed is one of the top brands of Pakistan manufacturing cool and fantastic lawn prints every year. Gul Ahmed always brings latest and trendy prints in multiple style and colors to please their customers. For this Eid Gul Ahmed has launched exclusive Limited Eid Collection 2012. All of these Gul Ahmed 2012-2013 Collection Contains fancy styles and luxury look. Let's have a look on these Gul Ahmed Eid Collection.

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection 2012-2013
The collection is now in all Gul Ahmed stores for sales. All the dresses are very well designed according to the needs and fashion requirements of this Eid day. Colorful prints with dashing styles will flourish your personality on this fabulous Eid day. Gul Ahmed Limited Collection for Eid 2012 has a wide range of variety in color, design and patterns. One can pick at own choice, either you want two piece shalwar kameez in latest patterns or three piece complete dress.

New Gul Ahmed Dresses

Gul Ahmed Long Shirts

Gul Ahmed Colorful Dresses

Gul Ahmed Dresses for Eid

Gul Ahmed Long Frocks
Cotton Silk                                         RENAISSANCE
Price 4,800.00                                 Price 5,800.00

Gul Ahmed Frocks with Churi Trousers
Premium Embroidery                                   Printed Lawn Design
Price 6,200.00                                            Price 2,300.00

Gul Ahmed Umbrella Frocks
Cotton Silk                                                   Cotton Silk
Price 3,800.00                                            Price 5,800.00

Gul Ahmed Fancy Frocks for Eid
Embroidered Chiffon                                           Printed Lawn
Price 5,800.00                                               Price 3,000.00

Gul Ahmed Anarkali Frocks
CHANTILLY DE LACE                                           FLEUR DE CHIFFON
Price 5,800.00                                               Price 6,200.00

Gul Ahmed Dresses 2012-2013
CHANTILLY DE LACE                      
Price 4,200.00                          

Gul Ahmed Lawn Dresses
Premium Embroidery                                         TRUCK ART
Price 6,200.00                                               Price 2,400.00

Gul Ahmed Anarkali Frocks
ESSENZA Dress                                  EMBROIDERED CHIFFON
Price 3,800.00                                                Price 4,800.00

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection for Eid
SILK SOYA                                         CHANTILLY DE LACE
Price 3,000.00                                                Price 4,200.00

All the dresses are being nourished with fancy lace strip and embroidery work to give fancier look to the dresses. The use of digital embroidery designing technique gives fabulous touch to the dresses.
Don't Miss this Gul Ahmed Eid collection its very limited Edition each dress is available in one color and one quantity Hurry Up place your order Now…!
Note: All these prices are taken from official website of Gul Ahmed, Price might be different from Gul Ahmed online Shop.


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