When Khaadi started out in 1998, it was with the aim to get back this custom by giving it a strong new market. The stunning propagate of colours, designs and designs in the best cotton and silks instantly stated a market in the minds and hearts of a customers that still prefers Khaadi today – resulting in a incredible development in the assortment and number of shops propagate across 3 places in Pakistan.
Mid summer collection 2012 of Khaadi's Lawn is in stores now throughout the Pakistan.....! Keep updated in with us for an interesting surprise and further updates! Hand-woven material has long been an important part of the wealthy tapestry of life in the Eastern. However, with modifying times, the art of weaving, like many others, was gradually passing away.
All these collection contains longs shirts, churi pajama, Chunnit frocks, umbrella frocks and many more... Let's have a look on some fabulous designs of Khadi Lawn mid-term collection 2012....!

Khaddi Lawn Collection 2012-2013

Khaadi Printed Lawn

Khaadi Party wear Collection

Khaadi Long Shirts

Khaadi Printed Lawn Designs

Khaadi Chunnit Frocks

Long Shirts with Churi Trouser

Latest Khaadi Designs

Khaadi Evening Party Wear

Khaadi Umbrella Frock for Parties

Khaadi Floral Lawn Designs

Khaadi Embroidered Kurti

New Khaadi Collection 2012-2013
These Khaadi Collection 2012-2013 for summer season contains casual and party wear designs with beautiful stunning and stylish work on shirts.


  1. Khaadi is the best retailor in the market.I just love their clothes all year round.I visit pakistan at least once a year andi do my whole years shopping in pakistan and my wardrobe is not complete without khaadis.


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