Anarkali dresses are the part of Indian and South Asian culture. It is being considered as cultural dress as well. Anarkali fashion has become a famous fashion brand as well and different sort of dresses are being designed under the umbrella of Anarkali Fashion. All the dresses are being designed according to the Anarkali traditional dresses. Different sort of dresses are being designed under the name of Anarkali fashion as well. Today we have brought some traditional styles of Anarkali dresses. The collection includes double shirts (kurti’s), gharara’s and double frocks. All these Anarkali Frocks have colorful embroidery stuff and fancy lace strip work. The collection will bring you to the age of Mughal’s. you can use these dresses in parties and wedding functions as well. Let’s have a look on these Double Shirts dresses in Anakrali Styles

Anarkali Double Shirt Dresses
This Anarkali dress is a prototype of traditional Gharara dress. The shirt (frock) is being modified beautifully to give Gharara pattern look. The wavy style of double semi frock has a separate piece at upper side designed as blouse. Silver color thread embroidery with different fancy ornaments makes this Anarkali double frock fancier. 

Indian Anarkali Double Shirt
This Anarkali double shirt theme dress has a rich embroidery and lace work on it. Sleeve less pattern has beautiful neck and bust style enriched with thread embroidery and ornament work on it. Printed silk fabric is being used to design this Anarkali double semi frock dress to give natural look as it was.

Bridal Anakrali Shirt

Double Shirt in Anakali Style

Bridle Double Shirts

Traditional Anarkali Double Shirt Fashion

Indian Latest Anakrali Double Shirt

Embroidered Double Shirt

Double Shirt Dresses 2012-2013
These are beautiful and heavily embroidered Anarkali dresses for our valued visitors who love fashion and traditions. Enjoy the beauty of Anarkali’s wardrobe in 21st century. All these dresses are taken from official source of Rupali Online superior collection. You can buy these dresses from official source


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