Traditional outfits’ pattern is in fashion again and girls are busy in designing and choosing native dresses for weddings, party, formal and casual use. There are lots of factors powering this trend because native and cultural dresses have classic style and cheaper to made. Today we have brought a wonderful native and cultural dress collection from the culture of Rajhistan. Rajhistan culture is prevailing both in India and Pakistan. Let's have a look on Kayseria Traditional Dresses from latest collection of Kayseria Dresses.

Kayseria Traditional Dresses
Kayseria Traditional Dresses
After the successful release of their summer season collection and summer lawn designer collection a few months ago, Kayseria now release their most detail-oriented collection of native and cultural dresses with the name of 'Jewels of the World’. The collection is available in stores now in all over the world. Kayseria is a famous brand name by Bareeze. This collection will set out a wonderful image in market of cultural dress collection. Kayseria has gotten together the most unique styles in a style feeling that is unique yet classic and upholds all of Kayseria’s icons. As a brand, Kayseria is regularly motivated by the attract of all great customs around the globe, past and present – a vast tank of ideas appearance and ideas passed down, across plenty of age groups by artistes who have traditionally striven towards the development of that which is wonderful.

Traditional Dresses
Traditional Dresses

Kayseria Dresses 2013

Traditional Party Wear Frock

Traditional Neck-Line /  Neck Designs

Traditional Indian Kurti Pajama

Rajasthan Jewel

Rajasthan Traditional Dress

Smart Shirt with Pencil Trouser

Long Kurti With Pajama

Tradition Long Gown

Traditional Printed Long Shirt

 Rajasthan Bridal Dress
This collection consists of mixed dresses having fully cultural look, modernly designed and modified and modern dresses designed to get influenced from Rajhistani cultural dress designing techniques, patterns and styles. The collection consists of Rajhistani embroidered shalwar kameez and cultural dress. Some modern baggy style outfits are also included which are being designed to get influence from Rajhistani Culture. The color scheme is also being got from Rajhistani culture. The dresses in light color have dark and bold color embroidery and work of ornaments and vice versa. Let’s explore the Rajhistani vulture together with She9.


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