She9 is a premium fashion blog setting new blogging trends, unveiling fashion progressions and contributing to development of dress designing and pattern development culture. We are covering the work of dress and attire designers around the world, but especially the designers and dress designs of South Asia and Gulf. Gulf is a big market of fashion clothing experiencing rapid changes in fashion and dress designing techniques. Let's have a closer look on AbayaArab Couture 2014-2015
Abaya is the  world’s famous attire usually being used in Gulf and South Asia has become an obligatory clothing item. In the realm of growing fashion trends in Abaya market, today we have brought a fabulous, remarkable and latest Abaya collection for the year 2014-2015. This could be your Abaya 2014. Let’s have a critical opinion on this Abaya Designs 2014 Collection.
Abaya consists of long, loose and usually dark color fabric stitched like a cloak to cover women body from neck to toes. In some areas women used Abaya to cover face as well. It is Islamic dress but in modifying the Abaya to make it more fashionable, designers started evolving new trends, designing new patterns and even presenting Abaya dress in color manners. To make it more beautiful designers also start using embroidery patches, motif work and silk strip work to nourish Abaya’s. In this Abaya Collection 2014, you have colorful Abaya designs for 2014, strip and lace work Abaya designs for 2014 and embroidered Abaya designs 2014. These Abaya dresses can be purchased through—a famous e-store of Gulf. Keep visiting she9 for the latest trends in Abaya designs and to know about world’s famous Abaya designers. We will be back with the work of Nuda al Nuaimi—a famous fashion designer having a quite different design philosophy regarding Abaya dresses. Nuda al Nuaimi is striving to develop Abaya culture in which it would be used as garments. 

Arabic Abaya Collection 2014

Irani Abaya Fashion

Abaya Fashion in Arab

Indian Abaya Style

Designer Abaya

Dubai Abaya Style

Stylish Cutting of Abaya

Classic Abaya Style

Latest Abaya Design of 2014

Pakistani Abaya Style

Amber Black Abaya

Iraqi Abaya style
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