Subcontinent region of South Asia holds a very close association with regions native cultural values deep rooted in the age of Mughal Empires. Most of ancient traditions, values and customs are still alive in region somehow in modified shapes. The way Indian, Pakistani and Bangali people celebrating their ancient events and customs are not changed enough when we look back. Wedding ceremonies, religious events like Eid, Holi, Karva Chauth and even regional galas are being celebrated in a same spirit.
Girls of that region have deep association with traditional methods of fashion like ancient dress designing, jewellery and most importantly the use of Mehndi. Mehndi is deep rooted in Indian and Pakistani culture and a significant relation with cultural and traditional values. With the passage of time we have observed some changes, the novel styles and techniques have been discovered for Mehndi designing and manufacturing which add more charm and glow. Gradually, Mehndi Designing is becoming an Industry and in India there are some clubs and associations working for Mehndi, promoting Mehndi designing culture and educating girls about new modern ways of Mehndi designing. The phenomenon is generating new talent in Mehndi art and exploring new vistas of the Mehndi market as it has now become industry rather an Art.

Sheetal Sheth
Today she9 has brought an amazing, glittering and gorgeous collection of Mehndi Designs of a very energetic, promising and creative Mehendi designer. Sheetal Sheth is an Indian Mehndi designer living in Mumbai. She has a craze of Mehndi designing since her childhood. She loves the art and she is a very promising to her hobby. Gradually Sheetal’s hobby becomes her profession as she acquired state of the art techniques of applying Mehndi. Sheetal has expertise in every type of Mehndi designs, but gradually she improved herself in applying a mix of indo-Arabic Mehndi designs.

She is working as a professional Mehndi designer and providing her expertise of applying Mehndi on Marriage ceremonies especially for Brides, Engagement parties, Family Parties, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties and for other customs like Baby Shower (Godh Bharai), Festivals of Diwali, Idd, Teej, Karwa Chauth, Eid. Below we have some of Sheetal’s beautiful Mehndi designs. Hope you like incredible Henna designs of Sheetal Sheth. For more information on Mehndi and Mehndi Designs please follow us on Facebook and leave your comments.

Mehndi Designs 2014-2015

Indian Mehndi Designs

Bridal Indian Mehndi

Mehndi for Backside of Hand

Indian and Arabic Mehndi

Pea-cock Mehndi Style

Mehndi For Full Feet

Full Hand Mehndi

Indian and Pakistani Mehndi

Arabic Floral Mehndi

Sheetal's Most Difficult Mehndi Art
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Designer: Sheetal Mehndi Artist
Contact #: +91 98 19 310931


  1. These pieces of artwork are absolutely gorgeous, would love to own one !

  2. I am truly amazed with these lovely mehndi designs, how intricate the designs and patterns are... Really good


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