Nida Peracha, s motto is to present women with a flexible range of ready to wear high fashion and quality collections. The women in Pakistan have advanced, and Nidha plan to provide them with a diversity of elegant, classy and fashionable collections that will make them look superior and sense excellent at the same time. Parchabafi has established by Nida Peracha to reconstruct and innovate conventional ideas through fashion. The brand gets its meaning from the phrase 'those who mill fabric' as the family has connected with perfect quality textile intend and developed for decades. Nida make use of her intrinsic experience to generate statement clothing for the fashionable woman. 
Nida Parcha plan is to convey the latest collection of ready to semi-formal wear, luxury prĂȘt, and wear prĂȘt, together under one roof and provide access to fashion suiting every budget, and every occasion. Parchabafi formal collection 2014 by NidaPeracha focuses on creativity, quality and the design of the product. NidaPeracha loyalty is to offer the women of today with a comfortable shopping ambiance, high levels of professionalism, finest retail services and a one stop-shop experience. Nida includes stylishness into her parchabafi formal collection 2014 at KariGhar creations. Her outstanding pieces are made from tailoring high quality fabric, and add towards rich designs and patterns. Colors are Nida love, which motivates her to use them on textile as well as canvas. Painting flowers and sceneries is her hobby but fabric has proven to become the decisive obsession for her.
The Parchabafi collection presents the inclusive custom design skill with exceptional partisanship and Consultation. Theoretical is the embodiment of Parchabafi’s stylish nature, a line that is consistently developing delivery of the latest fashions and styles before they even present themselves to the mall.

Nida Parachi- Parachabafi Formal Dresses by KariGhar

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