Mehma Farhan Dress Designer

Mehma Farhan is one of the newest and well-known fashion designers in Pakistan. The designer has working last couple year and until she has made reputed inside of fashion world. Mehma Farhan is probably well known for its excellent embroidery and fancy work. Mehma Farhan passion and dedication for fashion helped her to achieve well known position in the fashion industry. Her designs are a like a sensible act between civilization blended fine with fresh, stunning style.

Mehma Farhan has presented collections for women included.

  • Vintage wear
  • Casual wear 
  • Formal wear
  • Semi-formal wear

Let’s have a look at Mahma Farhan's latest different collections one by one;

Vintage Collection by Mehma Farhan

Inspired by culturally prosperous and lively colors of the sub-continent, Mehma Farhan discloses their latest summer Vintage dresses 2014. She has designed these dresses with incredible stitching styles. These dresses have overstated with embroidery on neckline, front and sleeves. Whites and light colors are there in her formal dresses. They are elegant and marvelous in their incredible designs. Traditional style of these dresses has been modified according to the drifts prominent in fashion industry. Its elaborate flowery patterns and lively color will show you style and comfort. Mehma Farhan presents stunning and bright designs on these very usual but everlasting dresses. Different cuts make this vintage dress collection flexible, making them appropriate for all types of meetings, celebrations, and every day wear.

Casual Collection by Mehma Farhan

Modest yet ultra-feminine the new collection of Mehma Farhan shows a marvelous array of casual dresses. Well-known for her amazingly proficient and flexible garments, casual collection 2014 signifies some of her product rareness that ready her outfits a firm favorite for casual wear and party wear. With a different, yet highly modish look, the Mehma Farhan range will see you right through the season from summer barbecues dinner parties and to parties and weddings. These beautiful dresses are available in impressive colors like green, blue, red, white, and brown and yellow. Featuring surprising appliqué, intricate hand-beading and good-nurtured details, and this collection presents striking dresses for women.

Formal Collection 2014 by Mehma Farhan

Mehma Farhan has introduced the light shades formal dress 2014 with soothing embroidery work. She has designed the nice formal dresses for the each event with usual idea of embroidery, handmade thread crafts and knot work. Every piece of her formal dress speaks her artistic quality and scheming. She mingles the strong taste of modern patterns and classic blend. Thus, you should check it out for outfits to wear in party, wedding ceremony, and in any official gathering. Each and every dress is really gorgeous. The colors used for them are dazzling such as brown, black, red, blue, beige and so many more. These stylish formal dresses are such that they allow women to be prominent.

Semi Formal Collection 2014 by Mehma Farhan

A noticeable new semi-formal dress selection of Mehma Farhan creations incredible her brilliant unify of western fashion combined with elegant fashion. These dresses are long with tremendous cuts and style. Mehma Farhan semi-formal wear is modern stuff that keeps you near with styles, fashion and mode. These dresses are truly stunning and dazzling. Her semi-formal dress collections are of high-quality overall. Expect to see outstanding shapes, and elaborate beading set against energetic shades, brilliant trimmings beautifying outfits of delicate tones that would suit these dresses for any occasion. These all dresses are ideal for stylish and modern girls.

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