RDC London Bridal Wear Collection 2014

If you missed out RDC London bridal wear collection 2014 then don’t look around here and there! Here you will be going to get complete details about RDC London bridal wear collection 2014. Talking about RDC London, this brand is named up as one of the well-known international fashion brands. This brand is internationally renowned all over the world because of its unique and amazing collections. Their collections are only designed for women. They have earned huge success and fame through their bridal wear collections. Each one of their bridal wear collection is loved and well liked out by women and especially brides. Their superior form of designing and high class fabric use is for all time extraordinary and praiseworthy.

Bridal Wear Collection by RDC London

This RDC London bridal wear collection 2014 is simply charismatic and beautiful. In the very beginning we would suggest all the readers to check out the pictures of this collection. In the pictures you will that all the bridal dresses have been different and unique looking from one another. Long shirts and medium length of shirts have been put inside this collection. Shirts have been set in line all with Bridal lehengas. The eye catching feature of this collection is that the dresses have been set with creative cuts too. Fishtail and long flowing gown hues is set inside the lehengas. Creative and innovative form of cuts and hues are put in this collection. Each one of the dress design is lovely and pleasing looking.

Colors Used In RDC Bridal Wear Collection 2014

Normally brighter colors have been filled up inside the bridal wear dresses. Some of the lovely looking colors noticed in the collection are:
1. Sky Blue
2. Sea Green with Off White
3. Off White
4. Dark Red with White 
5. Purple
6. Orange
7. Peach
8. Maroon
9. Pink

Embellishment Of RDC bridal Wear Dresses 2014

Now we will be going to mention some details about the embellishment of bridal wear dresses. Dresses have been beautifully adorned with the heavy form of embroidery, stone, motifs, dabka versions too. On some of the dresses you will be going to find that little bridal embroidery has been done on the neckline and many efforts are put together on the borders and back side of the lehengas. If the lehenga is set in fishtail cuts then you will even be finding the stone use on the flares as well. You can get more help about the designing of the dresses by visiting the picture as well.

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