Here we are with a brand new Kurti dress collection for midsummer season 2014. This is from Jubilee Cloth Mills. Jubilee has just launched its novel dress collection for midsummer season with new passion and style. The collection consists of glamorous Kurti dresses embellished with stunning accessories and glorious with flourish colors. This is Doha Kurti Volume-2 2014 from the house of Jubilee Cloth Mills. Unlike the vol-1, this time Jubilee designers have made more colorful and stylish dresses because the objective of this Doha Kurti collection 2014 was twofold. They have covered both midsummer season and upcoming Eid day as well. They have designed some colorful kurti’s in multicolor scheme because they want to nourish the midsummer with colors and style. Hope you like the gracious kurti collection of Jubilee Cloth Mills. 

Jubilee Cloth Mill's Doha Kurti Volume 2 for Eid-14
Jubilee Cloth Mill's Doha Kurti Volume 2 for Eid-14

Jubilee Doha Kurti 2014 Vol-2

Jubilee Midsummer Kurti Collection

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