Are you getting tired of seeing cotton, silk and khaddar collections, then don’t worry because this time we are sharing new pashmina collection 2014 by Firdous Cloth Mills. As we know that Pashmina is the most popular winter fabric you for women. Every age of woman would love to wear pashmina shawls, shirts in winter season. let’s talk about Firdous Fashion. Well, it’s the complete fashion destination for your seasonal clothes, shoes and accessories. After launching single prints collection 2014, now Firdous is launching Pashmina collection 2014.
Firdous Winter Pashmina Suit Collection 2014
In this collection, you will find high quality and original pashmina fabric. This pashmina collection 2014 is suitable for women of all ages because you will find beautiful pashmina shawl also. All the pashmina shirts are also embellished with embroidery work. So, in short we can say that Firdous pashmina dresses 2014 are the beautiful contrast of pashmina fabric, dark colors, unique designs and three piece suits. Lastly, you might thinking about the price of this collection? Well, high quality pashmina has been used so the price range is also expensive. Well, Firdous Pashmina magazine 2014 is elegant and ideal for your winter season. 

Firdous Winter-Fall Pashmina Suits
Firdous Winter-Fall Pashmina Suits

Firdous Winter Pashmina Suit Collection 2014Firdous Winter Pashmina Suit Collection 2014

Firdous Pashmina Collection 2014Firdous Pashmina Collection 2014

Fordous Cloth Mills Pashmina ShawlFordous Cloth Mills Pashmina Shawl

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