In Pakistan, almost every second woman knows the popularity of Al Zohaib Textile. In short, Al Zohaib Textile is a reputable textile mill for showcasing seasonal collections. Basically, it is a complete clothing hub for women. For this winter season, Al Zohaib Textile launched so many collections. Just few hours back, we are sharing good news that once again Al Zohaib Textile is launching its new collection and named as Mahiymaan Signature Series Collection. This collection is little bit similar from its previous collections bu have a lot of new royal and luxury Wraps / Shawl Designer..
Mahiymaan Royal Shawl Dress Collection for Girls
Before buying this collection, it is better to read the details of this new collection. Like previous Al-Zohaib collections, in this collection as well you will find unstitched fabric for your winter outfits. Each winter suit offers the fabric of long shirt, trouser and dupattas. Well, it’s a signature series collection with elegant shwals so Al Zohaib textile has adorned this collection with embroidery work. This collection is suitable for women of all ages so that they can wear as casually. We want to mention that Al Zohaib Textile Mahiymaan signature series collection 2014 will be available in the stores from 17th December 2014.

Winter Wraps for Girls by Al-Zohaib
Winter Wraps for Girls by Al-Zohaib

Mahiymaan Royal Shawl Dress CollectionMahiymaan Royal Shawl Dress Collection

Al Zohaib Mahiymaan Signature ShawlsAl Zohaib Mahiymaan Signature Shawls

Al Zohaib Mahiymaan Signature Shawls / Wrap Collection

Al Zohaib Mahiymaan Signature Shawls / Wrap Collection

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