Makeup/Makeover is that thing which changes your personality according to the events, Now a days a huge makeup trend/ fashion is introduced that you can't imagine, Just like, Bridal make-over, in party, Night party Makeup, day party makeup, Casual makeup, Formal makeup, Light Makeup, Cultural make-over, Sun-light mokeover etc, 
The beauty of the make-over is depend on the personality of the model and Makeup Artist, Here we are going to share you some best work of Make-Over Artist Laiqa Hasan
We have already upload bridal Makeup, Party Make Over, Night party Make-over, But here we are going to share you Engagement Party make-Over. You May also use this makeup as Party make-up for Engagement and Wedding. Lets have a look on Laiq Hassan Make-Over Work.

Make-up by Laiqa

Make-over for Fiance

Engagement Bridal Make-up

Pink Shade make-Over

New Engagement Make-over

Engagement Party Make-up

Simple Make-Over

Makeup in Traditional Style

Party Makeup 2011-12

Night Party Make-Over
All these makeup picture are taken from official page of Laiqa Hassan. We are these beautiful work for Engagement Party Make-Over. These Make-Up work can also used for bridal and casual parties. 


  1. Hello, what is your price for engagement make up?

  2. and where is its shop and form where we can contact her???

  3. plz tell me is ur parlour

  4. i wana go to my friends marraige in saree what makeup is suitable for that

  5. very nice makeup

  6. Very nice makeup...


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