In the past we have often seen women and brides holding clutches in their hands. But then suddenly this trend lost its importance! Since the last few years we are catching the trend of larger size handbags that are not less than a suitcase. But now after such long time once again clutch bags are back in action. There are many brands and designers that are adding their fashion accessories collection with the clutch bags. Have a look at new fashion of Clutch Bags which is again in Action 
Latest Trends of Clutch Bags 2014:
Now as we talk about the clutches then they are accessible in various sizes and designs. They are either set in medium sizes or even too small sizes as well. Some of the clutches are set in simple and plain designs. But some of them are added with the adornment as well. Clutches are being widely used by brides as well but the difference do comes in terms of decoration. Bridal clutches are adorned with the use of stones, motifs and beads. Simple and casual clutches are basically added with the print or one shade of color. 

Now as the rates are mentioned then you can get them at affordable rates. Normally the prices of clutches start from Rs.1500 and so on. In the summer you will get the clutches in soft and light color shades. But for the winter usually vivid and brighter colors are used up. Some of the best colors found in clutches are:
  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Pink
  4. Purple
  5. Green
  6. Black
  7. Yellow
  8. Brown
So all the women out there if you have fallen in love with these latest clutches then catch them now! You will be going to love out these type of handbags for sure!

Clutches for Girls

Clutch Bag of 2014Clutch Bag of 2014

Clutch Bag of 2014Clutch Bag of 2014

 Fashion of Clutch Bags Fashion of Clutch Bags

 Fashion of Clutch Bags
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