Some one says that "makeover gives face to the bride". I think it's right. Now a days bride is incomplete without makeover. There are a lot of beauticians who gives look to the bride just because of makeup magic. The main thing in makeover are Eye shades, Blushing, Lipstick out-line and the most important is base in makup. base make the makeover according to the festival or party. Like some one like makeover for evening or night party, wedding makeup and casual makeover or natural makeover. 
Here we are going to share you bridal Makeover 2012 collection, In these collection we will focus on the base/blushing/Blushion of the bridal makeover shot that how this natural base, make the perfect bridal makeover. Lets have a look...

Refreshment Party Blushing

Bridal Makeover 2012

Bridal Base Makeover

Day Blushing Makeover

Natural Blushing Makeover

Perfect Blushing Makeover

Camera Light Makeup
All these bridal makeover 2012 have perfect base for bridal makeover and party makeover. But the beauticians knows well what is the perfect base for makeover, They have to keep in mind the season, lightings and skin factor to give perfect look to the bride.


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